The Aristotle Equation

Ages ago, the god Aristotle waged a mighty war with his brother Xerxes. Their fight reshaped continents, and making areas completely uninhabitable. People fled underground.

The fates of Aristotle and Xerxes are faded by history.

Aristotle’s followers, the Archons, led your people from darkness. Eventually after teaching people agriculture, animal husbandry, and metallurgy the archons passed from this world.

Your people survived.

You are not alone.

GM’s notice:

Currently this is a work in progress.

Life in: Pekaks Newburg

I am working on a mythology of sorts. To see contributions, check out Mythology.

There is a glossary of in game terms Terms that will be improved on as elements get added.

This will used a modified 2d6 Fudge system with a few extras tacked on. To get a better understanding please check out System.

And lastly I want to give an apology to the history and mythology majors out there. Apology

The Aristotle Equation