Six sided (D6) dice are used for all rolls. Easy to find. You will need three, but most rolls will use two. This is expressed as 2d6 or 3d6 respectively. If you want more information about dice check out Dice

Basic Rolls
  • Unopposed (Roll attribute level or under)
  • Opposed (Roll attribute level or under)
    • Higher Success wins – If tied, higher skill level wins (Otherwise reroll.)
  • Extended Tests
    • May require 2/3 rolls


Three dice are rolled, lowest two are used.


Three dice are rolled, highest two are used.


You can default on a roll, if it doesn’t match up with a roll or an interest but it must be made in a way that uses your Approach.

Luck Points



Character Sheet


  • Careful: A Careful action is when you pay close attention to detail and take your time to do the job right. Lining up a long-range arrow shot. Attentively standing watch. Disarming a bank’s alarm system.
  • Clever: A Clever action requires that you think fast, solve problems, or account for complex variables. Finding the weakness in an enemy swordsman’s style. Finding the weak point in a fortress wall. Fixing a computer.
  • Flashy: A Flashy action draws attention to you; it’s full of style and panache. Delivering an inspiring speech to your army. Embarrassing your opponent in a duel. Producing a magical fireworks display.
  • Forceful: A Forceful action isn’t subtle—it’s brute strength. Wrestling a bear. Staring down a thug. Casting a big, powerful magic spell.
  • Quick: A Quick action requires that you move quickly and with dexterity. Dodging an arrow. Getting in the first punch. Disarming a bomb as it ticks 3… 2… 1…
  • Sneaky: A Sneaky action is done with an emphasis on misdirection, stealth, or deceit. Talking your way out of getting arrested. Picking a pocket. Feinting in a sword fight.



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